Tubesheet Fabrication

Deep Drilling Hole Steel Tube Sheet for Heat Exchanger
Tube sheets are used to support and isolate tubes in heat exchangers and boilers or to support filter, Round shape tube sheets are most widely used, but rectangular and square shapes are also occasionally adopted. We have contracted to custom make a variety of tube sheets for heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels used in many industries like nuclear power, petro-chemical, water-treatment, new energy, etc.
The bespoke tube plates we have produced feature as below:
* Tube sheet Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, Inconel, incolloy, Copper act.
* Large diameter capability up to 11900mm (11.9 meter)
* High precision, very narrow tolerance
* Deep boring possible up to 1100mm (1.1 meter)
* Complex hole shapes possible
* Multi machining processes possible
* Metal material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, and special alloys including Titanium.

Manufacturing Process
Our cost effective precision metal machining for tube sheets and baffle plates include planing, cutting, milling, drilling, grinding, and any other metal processing techniques. Usually, for a round tube sheet or baffle not very thick, we can get the workpiece from cutting the metal sheet. Equipped with all series of world-class CNC machine tools like: Germany Schiess Double-gantry boring and milling machine, Italy PAMA large boring mill, Japan Mitsubishi horizontal boring and milling machine, China WZ large vertical turning center, We have the ability to complete a variety of tube sheets with tight tolerances in a few days after receiving the orders.

CNC Machining

Laser/Plasma Cutting

Cutting the raw material to obtain the rough rectangular plate.

Lathe Turning

CNC vertical lathe turning for pure zirconium tube sheet

Vertical Drilling

For thin type tube plate, vertical drilling is suitable.

Hole Chamfering

Chamfered holes make the tubes can be easily inserted.

Horizontal Deep Hole Drilling

In case of very thick tube sheet with deep holes, we choose horizontal deep hole drilling.

Multi-spindle Drilling

To increase the productivity, we apply the multi-spindle drilling to very huge tube sheets.

Quality Assurance

Being as a quality-oriented metal fabricator, we have equipped our factory with the best inspection tools. Like, ultraic tester (UT) for welding, our Leica AT901-LR laser tracker helps us to make sure the machine tools working in good order all the time that it can measure any large object within a sphere area of 80m in semi-diameter, the measurement accuracy is up to a micron. We also have different types of CMM test machine, our biggest Zeiss measuring machines can work on component up to 7000x4000x3000mm with an accuracy of up to 0.43 micron. Being as one-station-shop company, we can handle all the other related process like: heat treatment, sand blasting, painting, x-ray testing, etc.

Appearance & Dimensionss

Dimensions Inspection The final dimensions should be within the very narrow tolerances.

In-process Quality Inspection

Preventing the defects from happening in the first place.

Coordinate-Measuring Machines

Our Zeiss CMM can work on 7000*4000*3000mm with an accuracy of 0.43 micron (0.00043mm).

Our Projects

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