Pressure Vessel Steel Plate Rolling

CNC plate rolling is a manufacturing technique that turns different kinds of metal sheet into a round, conical or even "egg" shape. The capacity of the plate rolling is depended on the sheet width, the type of material and the desired size.
Our new CNC rolls have increased our capacity of rolling up to 65mm thick over 3000mm and up to 110mm over shorter lengths. The new set of 4 roller system can also allow us to prepress the ends which minimises waste. A weld prepping service is also available in a variety of different ways from flame and plasma cut. For smaller and thinner material, we have a range of variable geometry rolls.
The process of plate rolling is where a plate is fed through a series of rollers, usually 3-4 and is passed forwards and backwards in order to achieve a desired curvature. The rolls are powered with hydraulic motors to extort pressure onto the steel plate. The pressure on each roll will determine the curvature of the steel and with the moving rollers it enables the operative to control the curve of the plate.
Plate & Section rolling is all done in-house within a dedicated Rolling Workshop. We have a number of Machines and Formers which cater for the differing sizes of UB, UC, PFC, CHS, RHS, and SHS members. Steel Plate is commonly rolled for the fabrication of Pile casings, Tanks, Debarker drums and Ducting.

Dimensional Rolling Capacities
Minimum Diameter: 16” (406 mm) I.D.
Maximum Thickness: cold rolled 8” (203.20 mm), hot rolled 12” (304.80 mm)
Maximum Length: 144” (3,658 mm)

The materials that can be rolled include
Pressure Vessel Steel
Stainless steel
Wear-resistant steel

Mill Test Certificates/Furnace Heat Charts
Components rolled from our plate inventory are accompanied with Mill Test Certificates. In the case of hot rolled items, Furnace Heat Charts can be provided upon request.

Pressure Vessel Plate Rolling Size Chart

Thickness Diameter Length
7/8" 18" O.D. 10'-0"
1-1/4" 18" O.D. 4′-0″
1/2″ 20" O.D. 12′-0″
1″ 20" O.D. 10′-0″
2" 20" O.D. 3′-0″
2-3/4" 24" O.D. 10′-0″
3" 24" O.D. 6′-0″
3/4" 30" O.D. 12'-0"
4" 30" I.D. 10′-0″
4-1/2″ 30″ I.D. 5′-0″
6-1/8″ 48″ I.D. 12′-0″
7″ 60″ I.D. 12′-0″
9″ 72″ I.D. 12′-0″
10″ 84″ I.D. 10′-0″
12″ 90″ I.D. 7′-0″

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Three-rollers machine

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